Distance Healing

Distance Healing is a very effective alternative to in-person Reconnective healing sessions.  Distance healing is perfect for those individuals who don’t prefer to travel, live to far away, or feel more comfortable being in their own home.

Many people are attracted to distance healing because of the ability for the client to remain in the comfort of their own home where they are able to fully relax and receive this healing energy in a space that is familiar and comfortable.

The beautiful thing about Reconnective healing energy is that the strength of the energy does not reduce with distance.  Reconnective healing energy is a quantum energy – of light, energy and information.  This means that the energy is not being “sent”.  The energy is within each particle of space.  The very space within and around the client.  The Reconnective healing practitioner is initiating the connection between the client and the healing energy itself, like tuning a radio to the right frequency.  The Practitioner him/herself receives the Reconnective healing frequency into their own body, and then places attention on the client for the next 40-45 minutes.  This creates a healing effect that is not based in time and space.   The effect happens simultaneously.

We hear today, more and more, that everything is “One”.  Everything is deeply connected and interconnected on all the many layers of reality.  Individually it may look like we are separate individual beings playing our lives out, but on a higher level we all come from the same source of consciousness.  This is the bases of many mystical wisdom traditions throughout time, and is now being corroborated by quantum physics and new science.

This is marvelous news.  This means that at any point, since distance is not an obstacle – we can give love, healing and blessings to anyone, anytime, to anywhere in the world and that person will receive it instantaneously.

To start the distance healing session the client and myself will have a short chat on the phone to answer any questions, to prepare the individual, and to make the energetic connection between myself and the client. We then hang up the phone and the client then finds a comfortable spot to spend the next 40-45 minutes.  The client has nothing to do except to breathe, observe, and receive the Reconnective energy.  After the session is over I will phone the client and have the phone ring once, indicating that the session is over.  Many times it is wonderful for the client to remain where they are for a time, comfortably sitting or lying, and to just be with their experience and energy.  The client is free to call me about their experience, or to email at a later date.

As a practitioner I find Distance healing sessions quite powerful.  Since, as the practitioner, I am working in a totally private space with no sound and distractions, there is a quality of focus, as well as potency of Reconnective energy that is generated during the session that is quite profound.

Its a true joy to share this healing frequency where ever you are.

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