The Exquisite Power of the Heart

collin Elder#2Many people don’t consider the heart in life.  They focus on the mind.  They emotionally live through the mind, physically live they through mind, and spiritually, metaphysically, and philosophically live through mind.  Much of our civilization lives through the mind.  We in the west have been immersed in a particular mode of cognition the past hundred years, a mode defined by its linearity, its tendency to reductionism, and its insistence on the mechanical nature of Nature.  Many of our problems that we have today are because of our unbalanced focus on the mind.

There is, however, another mode of cognition to the mind.  One our species has used as our primary mode during the majority of our time on this planet.  This mode of cognition is focused on the heart.  Whether people mention speaking from the heart, listening to the heart, connecting with the heart, or following the heart, it is a clear sign that there is increased energetic awareness of the importance of the heart in all of life’s decisions.  There is now a resurgence of the heart. A heart renaissance, you may say.

The heart is a piece of technology very special, very powerful, and very profound.  The heart is a piece of equipment that connects us to thing.  It is an organ of direct perception.  You can connect to trees, rocks, knowledge, people, and animals at a very profound level.  Indigenous peoples gathered their knowledge about the world in which they lived, for example, and in how they gathered knowledge of the uses of plants as medicines, and how to connect to the spirit of the animals in the sacred hunt.  Shaman’s and other intuitive spiritual traditions focus on the heart to connect deeply with the ancestors and the compassionate helping spirits that they have cultivated relationships with.

As we go into our hearts the perceived separateness that separates us from each other, or from another thing, becomes less defined, the edges and boundaries blur to the point where we can know something because there is no separation between you and the other.   This is direct perception.  It is extremely elegant, sophisticated, and exact mode of cognition.

So the heart is a very special instrument that we have to learn.  We’ve all learned the basics – kindness, compassion, romantic love.   The heart has its basic functions, but when you get a person interested in it and trained in the power of the heart – it becomes a thing of extraordinary exquisiteness.  The mind is incredibly essential  as well.  Your mind is a very human amazing thing – but it is not the best way to gain knowledge.  It is said that the mind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master.

Science is starting to understand the profound significance that the heart plays.  Science is telling us that the electromagnetic field of the heart is 5000 times more powerful than the field of the brain.  The heart field expands measurably 4-5 feet from the body.  The subtle energy of the heart radiates out from the body much farther – possibly kilometers like the ripples of a wave in a pond.

The heart is the master rhythm maker of our body and regulates other parts of our body and systems like digestion, respiration, immune system response, hormonal response.  All these things are synchronizing to what goes on in the heart.  Now, what gets interesting is the coherent state is activated by sustained positive emotion.  When we make that extra effort to feel that appreciation, care or love about something or someone we enter into this coherent state. Once in this coherent state these emotions then become easier to access.

Cortisol is known by some as “the mother of all stress hormones.”  That’s because cortisol is released in large quantities when you perceive or feel stress.  Cortisol is important to help your body respond to stressful situations.  Small amounts of cortisol are necessary for everyday function, but you are only supposed to get an extra dose of cortisol in times of real danger when there’s a very real threat to your survival.  The problem is, this potent hormone is also triggered by any negative emotion like anxiety, anger or hostility, as well as depression.  These emotions and moods are felt by millions everyday as their standard mode of living.  As people adapt to these moods, they begin to think that’s who they are.  There’s a also a feedback loop at work, too.  Just as a bad mood triggers stress and cortisol, if it hangs around your bloodstream for awhile, cortisol can help to create a bad mood.  We refer to this as a vicious cycle, because it feeds on itself.  Bad mood triggers cortisol, which then makes you feel worse….This is one of the reasons that chronic stress from events that you repeatedly respond to with emotions like worry, anxiety or anger can lead to burnout and depression.  It’s not bad to have these emotions trigger cortisol – it’s the inability to let go of them that keeps cortisol pumping through your system, causing the burnout and depression.

The hormone DHEA (sometimes called the vitality or anti-aging hormone) helps to counteract some of the effects of cortisol.  Just as cortisol can be triggered by negative emotion, DHEA can be increased by generating positive emotions, such as love, compassion and appreciation.  DHEA can also help create those same uplifting feelings while it’s running through your bloodstream.  As opposed to the vicious cycle described earlier for cortisol, DHEA seems to be at the center of a beneficial cycle, as DHEA helps create positive mood, and positive mood helps create more DHEA.

Creativity is most needed to find ways to deal with life challenges that seem to have no solutions.  All types of creativity, and especially creativity for solving problems, can be accessed through listening to your heart’s intuitive feelings, your heart intelligence.  This creativity could be instrumental in helping solve the many deep issues and problems that we currently have on this earth at this time.

Collectively we create a field that interacts with earth’s magnetic field and earth’s energetic system.  As each person creates more coherence that amplifies the coherence wave, and as more of us do that together it creates a more stable wave that is higher in amplitude, and research has proven that other people that are in that field environment it is easier for them to find their own coherence, their own inner composure, there own inner alignment.   So then that manifests to us treating each other with more kindness, more compassion.  A good question to ask is “What did I feed the field today”.  How much was my day being kind to the people I interacted with, compassionate, and caring – or, how much of my day was focused on what was going wrong, how much I didn’t like my job, or can’t wait for the day to be over.  Every thought and emotion is feeding this field that is all around us.

A critical mass of people drawn intuitively into that field could potentially influence the planetary field environment.  And that could help lift the energetics, clean the field of that mental and emotional pollution and bring people together in heart then it could really facilitate the planetary shift.  This shift is consciousness is what is really required before we can solve the world problems.

So our heart is a very special and profound instrument.  Living in the heart can help us connect deeper with each other, with the planet, with the spirit world, with grace.  It can help us hear the voice of the elements, the plants, the animals and our guides.  It can move us out of the dream of separation to realize we are deeply connected to all things. The heart field can help us live in a space of higher brain function – become more emotionally balanced, more peaceful, more joyful, with more clarity of thought and more creativity to deal with life’s challenges, and bringing more of your real self into each moment.  The heart can help us collectively create a new field of consciousness on the planet where all beings have greater access to the energies of compassion, kindness and love that is needed for this new transformation of consciousness.

A heart-based world.

Artwork by Collin Elder


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