Why Get Reconnected?

Collin-Elder-3.jpgWe are living in extraordinary times.  A shift in consciosness is happening right before our eyes.  There is an incredible opportunity for all us to choose to align to this new consciousness and to be a conscious participant in this period of awakening.

For a very long time we have been separated from the whole.   We have literally forgotten how deeply connected and interconnected we are on all levels of existence.  This illusion of seperation is a state of consciousness where many feel disconnected from the energies of the earth, from the wisdom of natural world, from the heart connections with each other, to the point where many doubt even the existence of a higher power.  Being in the illusion of separation makes it much more difficult to honor our earth mother and to feel her pain, to see ourselves in each person and to have empathy and compassion for others around the world.  Much more difficult to see the divinity and beauty in all things, in all moments.   Now is the time to come back home, to take our place within the whole.

One of the main roles of the the Reconnective healing frequency is to help heal the illusion of separation on this earth plane.  As we bring these Reconnective healing energies into us, our energetic system naturally starts to make connections that were dormant before.  Helping us to awaken on a spiritual level at an accelerated rate.  Helping us come into a new alignment with all life forces within the universe.  You will be consciously connected, more aware of the life force within you, and the life force within each individual.  This will bring you into an experience of Oneness with all things, and that you will begin to remember your place within the Oneness.  As you begin to open to this conscious reconnection, you are able to realign to, and reclaim your personal power and integrate this energy into the cells of your body.

This is our true, natural state of being.

The Reconnective energies help us to remove the many negative thoughts, beliefs, limitations, stories, narratives that we have about ourself and each other.  Much of the time these negative stories and beliefs are not conscious but continue to loop in the background of our unconscious, effecting how we see ourselves and the world.  Who are we without all our limitations, beliefs, negative thoughts, and stories?  The Reconnective frequencies help heal these illusions so we can start to see our true nature.  How magnificent and beautiful we are as human beings, and as spiritual beings.  As we start to embody our true nature as infinite beings we can begin to manifest and co-create the life and reality that is true to us.  A world that is filled with connection, beauty, meaning, wonder, joy, peace, love and kindness.

The Reconnective energies accelerates your ability to move into a new awareness of your role on this planet and the support that is here for you from the Universe.  As you awaken to the truth of your alignment and place within this Universal Consciousness, you can open up to the unlimited aspects of Self that link you into a deep understanding and knowledge of your place within the whole.  The energies will move you deeper into a state of Oneness, back to the truth of yourself, and the unconditional love that exists within this connection.

Artwork by Collin Elder wwww.collinelder.com